“To My Old Master,” From A Freed Slave

In the spirit of Black History Month,
check out this powerful letter written from a freed slave,
Jourdon Anderson, to his old master, Colonel P.H. Anderson.
The letter was written in response to Col Anderson
requesting Jourdon, who found a job in Ohio to
support his family, come back & work on his farm.
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Darkie Appreciation Post

WARNING: This post is for all of the dark chocolate men in the world.
Yellow Bellies please don’t take offense.

There’s something about dark chocolate that
makes my Vicky‘s evaporate.
Call me crazy, but I always associate dark skinned men as being stronger
& harder workers (maybe it’s the whole “house nigger“/”field nigger” complex).

Or maybe the darker meat resembles that of
an African Warrior King, running alongside
his trusty lion (Simba?) , hunting,
while I wait in the hut in all my hormonal
pregnant glory waiting to cook what he has
triumphantly slaughtered.

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